When to Hire a Divorce Coach?

Divorce, technically speaking, is a legal proceeding that changes your marital status. It is putting it on the record that you are no longer legally married.

However, the impact of divorce goes way beyond a legal proceeding. It is when the effects of your divorce upset the rest of your life that divorce coaches can help you.

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It may seem like hiring divorce coaches is just another financial aggravation that you can do without, but in recent years, they have proven to be invaluable support and mentors to those struggling to make new and crucial decisions for the rest of their life.

How do you know when to hire a divorce coach for yourself? The decision is ultimately a personal one, but here are a few factors you should consider:

1. The emotional trauma of your divorce is making it difficult for you to make objective decisions regarding your children.

It is difficult to separate the emotional whirlwind of a divorce from the decisions that you now have to make for the rest of your life. Sometimes, however, it is necessary, especially when children are involved.

You don’t want to traumatize your children any more than you need to by letting your anger or sense of betrayal cloud your judgment on what is best for your children. A sympathetic and objective observer can help you here, especially if they have a professional background in child psychology.

2. There are crucial decisions that you have to make on your financial arrangements.

If you accumulated joint earnings or even went into business together during your marriage, then a divorce means a split of your financial and material assets. This can be a tough, even hostile discussion, and emotions can run high, keeping you from making wise decisions. A lawyer can’t help you there. Ultimately, the decision of what to fight for and keep, and what to surrender, is yours to make. In such instances, a divorce coach with a professional financial background can help you.

3. You need a sympathetic professional to support you through the entire process.

Does that sound like an unnecessary reason to spend more money? Maybe not. Sure, you have friends and family to support you, but they cannot always be there for you, just as you cannot always impose on them when you need to.

In recent years, there’s a growing number of professional life coaches who have shown their reliability and effectiveness in guiding and mentoring people towards success. Divorce coaches specialize in helping people through the difficulties of a traumatic divorce, and they guide and nurture and support you as you pick up the pieces of your new life.

Don’t underestimate the value of sympathetic support and a nurturing mentor. Like life coaches, divorce coaches specialize in helping people move past their issues and build a new life out of the wreckage of the old one. They are reminders that you don’t have to go through it alone, and that it is possible to start over again.

Hiring a professional can help you have someone to whom you can vent to when the stress of divorce becomes too much. And when you have expressed all your pent-up and bottled emotions and frustrations, they will be there to guide you on how to move forward.

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