Social Media as a Root Cause for Divorce

Social Media is becoming one of the reasons cited for divorce in many cases. It is now being considered as the newest threat to marriage and relationships. Various researches are done to prove this latest claim of divorce petitioners that social media has been instrumental in their break-ups.

Slater and Gordon law firm revealed that they commissioned a study to affirm the reasons given by their clients that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, and Snapchat among others play a significant role in the dissolution of their relationships. According to results, one out of seven married individuals considers filing for divorce because of their spouse’s postings in postings in social media sites. One out of every ten persons said that they check their partner’s social media accounts regularly to see who they are chatting and meeting with when not at home or work.

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Reasons why many people consider social media as a root cause for divorce:

•    They discover that their partners are connecting with former romantic partners. It sparks jealousy and anger which if left unresolved can lead to regular heated arguments. Many wives and husbands admit that they search online to find evidences that their partners’ are having affairs or flirting shamelessly with other men or women.
•    They said that inappropriate photos are posted in these social sites.  They also become suspicious of flirty messages that transpire between their partners and the other parties.
•    Their partners consumed lots of time in front of computers which greatly affect their quality time together. This matter brings daily arguments which eventually lead to more serious problems like separation and divorce.
•    Family bonding is affected due to the lure of social media which offers instant entertainment and interaction.

The negative effects are alarming especially now that social media is more active than ever. New applications and websites offer lots of instant access to different forms of entertainment and fun. Popular social media sites are offering new features that bring more opportunities to meet new people across the world.

Another innovation in modern technology allows social media applications to become available in mobile phones. This brings faster access to messages and information anytime and anywhere. Cyber relationships also become easy because global community is easier to reach using social media sites.

Social media gives instant access to people in your past and brings you lots of new friends from different places around the world. The world has become one small virtual community through modern technology and presence of social media applications. They are meant to bring closer relationships especially when loved ones are away from each other. They are meant to become bridges of communication between and among friends, relatives and people who are in relationships. They are meant to enrich the lives of users and bring immediate connection.

However, too much freedom to access information and entertainment given by many social media sites can really affect relationships. When one partner begins to conceal something, change passwords often, and spend long hours in front of Skype, Snapchats and Facebook, suspicions cannot be avoided. This then leads to relationship problems which can lead to separation and divorce. This validates further the result of surveys that determine social media as a root cause for divorce.

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