Should I Get a Divorce?

Two separate wedding rings next to the word "divorce"

This is a question many couples are asking themselves, especially those who have been married for some time but want to renew their relationship. Unfortunately, while your intentions may have been good, there are some major drawbacks to getting a divorce.

Divorce is rarely an easy decision, no matter how long you have been married. The question “should I get a divorce?” requires that you look at both sides of the coin – the good side and the bad side. Once you’ve made the decision to try to work out your differences, you will need to assess the true nature of your marriage to determine if you and your spouse are really better off apart or together. Here are the top signs that you should be concerned about when it comes to trying to save your marriage.

When one partner abuses the other by using emotional manipulation as a tool, the relationship can be devastated. One common way emotional abuse occurs is by making the other feel guilty for trivial things, such as not liking certain physical traits or foods, or for “breaking the rules” – such as saying no when you really mean yes. Emotional abuse can also be used to control another’s emotions so that the abuser can have an “ownership” of the victim’s emotions and feelings. Divorce and/or remarriage can often be the result of emotional abuse related to one of these tactics.

If you or your spouse is struggling financially, this can be a big problem. Not only can you and your partner begin to fight about who is responsible for paying for things (such as rent or mortgage), but it can have long-lasting effects on a marriage. Divorce and remarriage are much more common among those who are in this situation. If either partner is abusive physically, it can cause serious scars that last a lifetime. Again, divorce and remarriage are often the result.

Two people who love each other deeply and are committed to their marriage might find themselves living with one parent while the other parent is out looking for a new partner. This often happens when one parent feels threatened by the other and attempts to change the partner they are involved with. When the two people are not able to get along, it can lead to a feeling of resentment, anger, sadness, and jealousy on both sides – which can lead to a lack of communication and eventually to a complete breakdown of the relationship.

Many couples experience financial difficulties when they first start their married life. While many people can adjust to a new lifestyle fairly smoothly, others have an easier time adjusting to a different income level. When a couple first begins a married relationship, they should already be aware of the needs of each spouse. Over time, the needs of the children should become more important. If you’ve noticed that one spouse is significantly less financially responsible than the other, there may be a problem in your marriage.

This is a serious issue for any couple, no matter what the genders are involved. If you or your spouse is suffering from abuse related to the physical body, it can be incredibly difficult to see a way out of the marriage. Even if physical abuse was only a part of the problem, it is still abuse and should be addressed as such. There are many books and websites available that allow you to explore the possibility of divorce with this type of topic in mind.

When one or both partners are no longer financially capable of making payments on the marriage, it becomes a huge problem. The money that should go toward bills and keeping the household running smoothly should instead go to paying off debts. It can be difficult to see a way out of a failing marriage, but there are some ways that you can help your situation before it becomes too dire. Before you begin to ask yourself “Should I Get a Divorce? “you should get a copy of your financial information and talk with an expert about it.

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