Filing Divorce Papers Online

Filing for a divorce is a tedious process. It requires the physical preparedness of the soon-to-be separated spouses to attend court hearings and other related proceedings as well as the great emotional turmoil it will bring. Fortunately, (or still not so fortunately for the affected parties, such as the children), there is now a new method to obtain divorce papers: filing divorce papers online is now the easier and less costly way to take care of all the divorce paperwork. With just a click and the knowledge of the proper procedures and websites to go to, couples can easily put a close to their marriage.

Filing Divorce Papers Online

The first thing to do is for the spouse initiating the divorce to prepare the required petition. It should be signed and notarize if required. The divorcing spouse should also be able to settle on how to divide the property and assets if no ante-nuptial agreements exist. The arrangements for the custody of the children, if there are, should also be agreed upon beforehand. After these first two basic requirements are consummated, it is time for the spouses to determine the eligibility of divorce in their respective state.

The residency requirement for divorce means that the spouses should have lived in the state for a certain amount of time, usually around three to six months. The next step then is to locate the state court’s website provided by the National Center for State Courts. If there is uncertainty on which website to select, look for a “court structure” link to review the Courts in your state and to see which Court can handle the divorce. Next, browse through the website to see if it offers e-filing or electronic filing. Review the website and look for information about the online preparation of divorce forms. The spouse initiating the divorce may look for either self-help or self-service link, an “e-filing” link to run a search for e-filing methods and procedures or perhaps the Family Court or Family Law section, if there is.

The next procedure is to follow the instructions in e-filing and online preparation of divorce forms provided by the website. Some of the requirements that the spouse may need to fill-out may be personal information such as the spouse’s name, current address, contact number, the names of the children if there are, their dates of their birth, and even their social security numbers.

Information about debts and assets may also be required. If the spouses come to an agreement on the issues, the terms of the agreement such as asset division, child custody, and support shall be disclosed. Now in case the state does not offer e-filing, the divorcing party should find an online divorce document preparation service provider which allows the completion of forms online and then provide a printable copy of all the forms and instructions. It will be best to do a comparison with all the service providers as the services may vary and they tend to charge fees. Find the one that is reasonable and easy.

Once the necessary divorce documents are prepared, it is time to file the forms with the Courthouse in the county where the parties live. The Court Clerk’s Office in the county where the divorce is filed may provide better assistance for all the requirements and the necessary fees. Take the forms and copies along with the filing fee to the Office.

After filing the documents, the other spouse should be given his own personal copies. This is important for the other spouse to be aware of the advancements of the proceeding and avoid misinformation. Sometimes, the divorce may transpire and achieve finality out of court especially when the two parties agree on all terms, but naturally, everything has to advance in court. There will be a need to attend hearings and that the divorcing parties may order for a schedule if no notice was sent. The preparation for the hearings is a whole new story altogether. There will be a need to prepare the necessary documents, the witnesses and the competent counsel to represent the spouse. Once everything is settled and the court renders the decision, which should likely be in favor of the separation, everything else rests upon the separated spouses.

The use of the internet in making transactions easier is extended even to the most delicate matters such as divorce. This time around, couples can finally terminate their relations in a less time-consuming manner, thanks to these all-new methods of filing divorce papers online.

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